Deb E / Oregon. I have used this method several times on smaller sized projects. Step 2 – Making The Last Fold. First up, you need to baste your quilt top to your batting. I love these. After quilting your project, trim excess batting from the edges of the quilt so that it doesn’t extend … How to self bind a quilt This cute, cozy little self-binding receiving blanket is such a great project! It can also show off an especially beautiful backing fabric. Do this for all of the quilt… So, it'll be nice to have these step by step pictures to help us out. I like to start attaching the binding about 3/4 of the way down the long side. I think baby quilt is the largest size I’d attempt with this method. You can use cuddle fabric or fleece to sew this blanket. Sew the layers together. I just didn’t really understand it then. Take the outer corner of the binding where … Use pins or clips to keep the fabric in place and from shifting. It’s double thickness is warm and comfortable. Can you direct me to a link for burying the thread when machine quilting? Required fields are marked *. Once you’ve pressed your turning gap seams you can turn the piece right side out. The fabric is folded in half before attaching to the quilt so when you fold it over the raw edge of the quilt, it also encapsulates the raw edge of the binding. If you noticed though girls- this is Very similar to rolling the edge over on a blanket and making it a nice egde. I make a lot of baby quilts & twin sized quilts as gifts. Take that 3/4 inch extra back and fold it. I wouldn’t be prepared for the work required to implement this method with a large quilt. Do you finish your quilts this way? You can stitch the plain border with squared corners or with mitered corners, depending on your expertise. Attach binding to back of quilt. Nov 8, 2011 - For my little cat's quilt, I decided not to use bias binding, but the system of self binding instead. (I know the quilt in the image isn’t under the needle- it was easier to take the picture), Fold the other side overlapping the first fold. How to add a self-binding to your quilt. Although you can have dozens of border options to think about when planning your quilt, you most likely will use one of two basic types.The easiest and most common border style is the plain border, shown in Figure 1. No, I haven’t tried self-binding, as I rather enjoy the ‘framing’ of my quilts with regular binding. After my daughter graduated from High School, I sorted through her old t-shirts hoping to make a t-shirt quilt as a graduation gift. Fabric Crafts. And remember that you’ll have to bury your ends at the beginning/end of your seam lines. You take the quilt off the machine and use a hand needle to fix those threads manually to the quilt, just like you would in any other hand sewing project. Self-binding is binding a quilt with the quilt backing. Here's a self binding quilt tutorial that shows how to achieve such a finish. 3/4 inch. I’ve seen this method referred to as self binding, no binding and the pillowcase method. Have you tried the self binding method before? Begin sewing at a 90 degree angle from the last stitch before backstitching over the corner to keep it in place. The corner should naturally make a miter, but you can force it if you need. Stitching in the ditch along a couple of lines would be perfect. Use complimentary fabrics to give the blanket a nice look. Now for the final step: binding your quilt. In this tutorial, I made a twin-sized quilt, so I cut … That is if you want the binding to be 3/4 inch wide (showing) then you would cut the backing to be twice as wide or 1 1/2 inches wider then the quilt. To start self binding, you’ll need an iron. Once you get the hang of it, the corners will go a little quicker. 1:. You don’t want to be so close you are constantly jumping off and missing it, but not so far in it looks like a rookie was doing it. Isn’t this fun? I used your method on a project too. If this were a larger quilt I would also zig zag the raw edges or use the “serger” stitch on my machine just to help it stand up to washing better. I quilted it fairly densely as I like my mini quilts to have a fair bit of structure. Make sure these are VERY accurate, it will affect your … Self binding. It is perfect for a little pop of color to frame your quilt, table runner or placemats… anything that needs a little extra something :) Just think how cute a gold shimmer flange would be peeking out of the binding on your holiday table decor this year! The fleece backing sounds fantastic – it would be super snuggly. {rookies become pros though, so don’t give up}. Cut backing fabric into a 40″ x 40″ square and contrasting fabric into a 30″ x 30″ square. Not only is it quick and easy to make, but it is also super cute! I will not deny fabric or an opportunity to turn on the sewing machine and sew. If you have a larger project, you may like to put some basting pins in to make sure you don’t get any bunching or tucks in your backing. self binding blanket and a big block quilt! Just a few days ago I received this comment on my original post: … Continue reading "Self-bindi… The wear and tear is distributed across multiple fibers, making it last longer. So far, you have a quilt with backing attached and possibly even a... How to add a backing to your in-the-hoop quilt. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I love these. Once your turning gap is closed you’re ready to quilt the piece so the backing is better fixed to the top. Self-binding is binding a quilt with the quilt backing. Lay out your quilt and trim the batting to fit the top of the quilt. First of all, you have to trim quilt top and padding evenly. Learn. Sew along the first edge of the quilt before binding the first corner. This makes it so the binding isn’t … I have been doing the binding for too many years to mention { don’t judge me now} and so I can just whip it over to the machine and get that thing done in no time. They’re a bit hard to see below. In traditional quilting, the binding is made from a separate strip of fabric that is sewn onto the quilt. Any stitches … A mitered corner is stitched at a 45-degree angle to the sides of the quilt.Figure 1: A plain border can have squared o… Focus on setting the seams around the edges and making sure your turning gap edges are still aligned and straight. Good to hear you’ve had some success, Gayle! How to do Self Binding on a Quilt tutorial. It’s made with Shannon’s cuddle fabric. This is a technique where you are folding over the backing onto the batting and quilt top to cover the raw edges. I have saved your page here so the next time I make a quilt I can try this technique of the self-binding quilt. Also known as fold-over binding because it’s made from the excess backing fabric and it’s literally folded over to the front side of the quilt! I find it easier to get them straight from the back side, rather than when the piece is right side out. Just a few days ago I received this comment on my original post: … Continue reading "Self-bindi… SELF BINDING BABY BLANKET (From the Missouri Star Quilt Co.) You can Google: You Tube self-binding baby quilt (receiving blanket) Or go to : www. Thanks Tessa, some great points for using this method for a larger quilt. Good to hear, Kathy. Once your batting and quilt top are secured (however you decide to go) trim off the excess batting and square it up. That’s where a self binding finishing method comes in handy. I like to start with a nice long thread, which I double up. This Self Binding Baby Quilt Makes A Great Gift! And this tutorial concludes our Tiny Quilt QAL. The video tutorial makes it easy, fast and fun to make. 7)  Sew that edge down. Mar 9, 2016 - Self Binding with an easy cheat mitred corner! This is a real pain in … Binding time is finally here….but what to do, what to do?! Binding The Quilt Step 1 – Pressing The Seam. There is a great tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew.Since I do not do self-binding quilting often, I have attached this great tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew. Dec 25, 2012 - All about quilting, embroidery, and other crafts. It’s my favourite way to tie on a thread. I don’t hand sew the final edge, as I’ve preferred sewing that by machine with a decorative stitch that adds a bit more protection that the stitches will stay put as the years pass. Because I’ve just got a small mini quilt, I used poly batting and some basting spray. I also recently started using no-pill fleece for the backing. This quilt has 16 x 10 1/2 in blocks. In finding a tutorial for the quick and easy self mitering tool it is my understanding that you would cut the back material to be twice a wide as you would want your end binding to be. Sweatshirt blankets like these make great Graduation Gifts! And it’s just beautiful. The corners on a self binding from the back are sometimes tricky. 6)  Pin, hold, clip in place. Re: Self-binding quilts « Reply #10 on: January 20, 2020, 17:28:43 PM » @Sara-S , for a first try I thought your sample piece is just fine, quite likely better than the tutorial sample, that's for certain. Thank you, Deb! Your start/end points can’t be later secured by the binding. Share on Facebook Pin . The TOP of the quilt and the batting needs to be trimmed to the edge of the top of the quilt. You’ll see I’ve put two pins in the one spot – that’s my little code to remind me where my turning gap is, so I remember not to sew the whole perimeter closed. This quilt binding tutorial will teach you how to finish a quilt by folding over excess backing to the front of the quilt as binding. The disadvantage: the binding is only one fabric layer thick. For this quilt binding method we will attach the binding to the back of the quilt first. I am not sure what that is. With bias binding, the warp and weft are running at 45 degree angles across the edge of the quilt. It’s possible to finish your quilt without a binding. No pinning or clipping for me. This self binding blanket tutorial is fast and easy to make!. I’m going to show you how I used a “self binding” method to bind my Christmas mini quilt to give a more modern look. Check out […] Let’s take a look at this quilt behind me. Rectangular Self-Binding Flannel Blanket Tutorial for Luke's Loves Kimbo from A Girl and a Glue Gun is doing a blanket drive for Luke's Loves and has asked several bloggers to participate by sharing a blanket tutorial. See more ideas about quilts, quilt binding, quilting techniques. Quilt back must be at least 2,5 cm/1 inch wider at each edge than quilt top to use this system. 1” is plenty. Thanks for the tutorial, which I’ve pinned so I’ll have instructions in the future! Another good press, and there you have it. (click the heart to find out more about Luke’s loves!) Today’s self-binding sweatshirt blanket tutorial will show you how. Prepare the Quilt for Binding . Attaching to front of quilt: To attach the binding to the front of your quilt, determine which half of your binding … Colour block quilt | Wit Konijn September 16th, 2013 . 24 Blocks. 1)  Before quilting you need to make sure that your back is LARGER than your front!! It will fold onto the top of the quilt and be 1/4 inch past the edge. There are a few who take a little hand stitches to keep the miter from opening {if you are sewing your binding down by hand, then you can take a couple of stitches when you pass the corner} if you don’t like how it leaves a slight pucker. - A girl and a glue gun October 16, 2015 at 5:20 pm […] amazing posts today! ). Self-binding quilts; Support The Sewing Place from £1 a month. Give the quilt another press. Fold the first corner of the binding over to form an angle. that’s it. And I’ve got a great project for you today. I like using self-binding for small quilts and wall hangings. Scissors are the best here. { i really hate it when that happens} You want to be cutting ONLY the TOP and the BATTING here. Spread your quilt out, face-up, and make sure your backing fabric is showing by an equal amount on all sides. Self-binding your quilt. Article from Click here for supplies: Jenny Doan demonstrates how to make a quick and easy self-binding baby blanket. (This is why I did so much quilting earlier.). It’s possible to finish your quilt without a binding. Jan 5, 2017 - For my little cat's quilt, I decided not to use bias binding, but the system of self binding instead. Today I’m sharing a few tips on self binding your quilt – it uses the backing fabric! Explore. Beginners may find it easier to use a self-binding technique. Quilt back must be at least 2,5 cm/1 inch wider at each edge than quilt top to use this system. . What is Quilt Binding? DIY and Crafts. I have used this method exclusively for a long time now. DIY and Crafts. Now it’s time to whip stitch the turning gap closed with some hand sewing.