The flowers are five-petalled, and look almost like an orchid. Streptocarpus grow well in similar conditions to that of African Violets however they are probably a little easier. The orchid-like flowers of the Streptocarpus are available in a wide rainbow of colours. Bushes And Shrubs. The part of the leaf that gets best results is near the base of the leaf. Grow indoor hyacinths. They’re easy to grow and even easier to propagate. Cape primrose (Streptocarpus spp.) Cape Primroses, also known as Streptocarpus or Streps, have filled a niche as flowering houseplants for the home for many decades. Air daily. They come in a huge range of flower colours, and bloom from spring though to autumn, offering a long-lasting indoor display. Streptocarpus hybrids are irresistible indoor plants with enormous stunning flowers for months at a time. grows well as an interior potted plant or as an outdoor plant in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 and 11. Sign up here to get Reader’s Digest’s favourite stories delivered straight to your inbox! Streptocarpus Flowering Plants - are easy to grow, but not that common to buy. How to brighten up your home and fill it with delicious spring scent during the cold winter months. Avoid hot sun, which can burn the leaves and fade the flowers. A popular house plant, Streptocarpus, is a member of the Gesneriad family and is related to the African Violet. The translation of the Latin name means "Streptocarpus like". Streptocarpus hybrids are mostly bred from Streptocarpus rexii, a native of South Africa, and are sometimes called Cape Primrose or Nodding Violets. Place the pot in a indoor greenhouse or keep it covered with a freezer bag. How to Make a Streptocarpus Bloom. While streptocarpella is available in various shades of purple, blue, lavender, magenta and pink, the variety Streptocarpus Violet Sky boasts dainty, blue-violet blooms. With a little experience, it's possible to keep them in flower nearly all year round and grow them to the size of dinner plates. Follow our planting guide. Primrose. Mar 22, 2018 - One of my favorite plants!. A table displaying which months are best to sow, plant and harvest. Go to the contact us page and send us an email. This is called the meristem (growing region). The booklet can be purchased direct from World of Streps through email requestfor $5.95 plus postage. Sep 11, 2014 - Streptocarpus Propagation Streptocarpus are a wonderful plant as they have the ability to reproduce themselves through single cell division due to the hormones (cytokinins) present in the leaves. Conservatory, Containers, Greenhouse, Indoor. Streptocarpus Propagation Streptocarpus are a wonderful plant as they have the ability to reproduce themselves through single cell division due to the hormones (cytokinins) present in the leaves. I have some lovely specialty named plants for sale, and they are coming into full bloom now. Streptocarpella is a cousin to the African violet, and although the foliage is different, the blooms look much like the blooms of the African violet. A 16 page booklet with the basics of how to best grow these wonderful plants. Flowers. Although its genus name sounds like a disease, cape primrose (Streptocarpus) is a short but charming plant with long, crinkled leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers. In Australia Streptocarpus are usually grown indoors, however in warmer climates, NSW north coast and further north, they can be grown outdoors, especially near the coast where temperatures at night do not drop so much. Sunday, 4 August, 2019 at 9:52 am . Would they have to have fluorescent lights to survive indoors? The key to growing streptocarpus is to find a bright window sill away from direct sunlight, and avoid over-watering. Greenfly occasionally attack plants and can be spotted from their white discarded skins on the flower stalks and leaf bases. Streptocarpus Propagation by Seed. Growth rate: High. This is an easy environment to replicate indoors. I've been buying streptocarpus plants in spring and treating them like annuals, but would like to see if I could overwinter some. Remove the flowering stalks at their bases where they join the leaf. Flower Garden. How to pot on streptocarpus; How to pot on streptocarpus . Growing requirements, as well, are similar. In addition to occasional sunlight in winter, even if there is no direct sunlight throughout the summer, there will be no problems. Menu. Because streptocarpus saxorum engl has thick leaves and the flowering branches are protruding out, it is suitable for growing in hanging pots. They grow in thick and dense clumps on the surface of the soil. I ordered these plants from David Thompson on eBay. Monty Don shows how to pot on a streptocarpus (cape primrose), giving advice on compost, feeding and the best place to put your plant. Streptocarpus grows in a basal whorl of leaves with no above-ground branching while Streptocarpella has a well branched top. Don't be put off by their reputation for difficulty: providing you follow a few simple rules, African violets should thrive indoors. See more ideas about plants, african violets, flowers. These compact, low-growing plants flower several times a year, and they are available in a multitude of leaf forms and colors. Streptocarpus - How to Grow. They thrive in indirect light and can come back to life if neglected for long periods of time. The Streptocarpus, also known as the Cape Primrose plant, is a delicate evergreen hybrid featuring velvet flowers and striking, deep-veined leaves. Suggested uses. Learning how to grow indoor plants and killing a few along the way. They grow in normal house conditions of medium light and temperature, and like to be a … Streptocarpus, a.k.a. The Amateur Gardening team take you through how to grow beautiful streptocarpus in all varieties. We update it twice a year with new information and new links. How to grow: Streptocarpus - Amateur Gardening. Initial Care. Temperature: In the summer: 64,4-75,2 ° F, in winter not below 59 ° F, if the temperature is lower, the plant should be watered less often, so that it goes into a state of rest. Streptocarpus also thrives under artificial lights. Try not to leave lengths of stalk as they go wooden looking and are rather ugly. Potting: Streptocarpus have fairly shallow root systems and seem to prefer and grow much better in the "pan" or "azalea" style pots. By BBC Gardeners' World Magazine.