They have meanings that are figurative, which means that they shouldn’t be taken literally. Ming's origin, as well as its use, is in the Chinese language. I laughed and cried reading this. Lui ha davvero un chiodo fisso in testa Thomas thinks about Maria day and night. You don't mess with a heavyweight!Some guys are light weight, they are tough but they don't mess with the heavyweights....the "pezze novanti". Next, interestingly, I think a friend and I figured it out last night. valere la pena exp. A less regional "cockism" than minchia.FANUK - short for finocchio, an Italian word for fennel and vernacular for homosexual man (probably because the bulb fennel plant looks like a cock and balls). 'My Italian other half finds "sto cazzo" and "va fa 'n culo" inexpressibly rude and vulgar. Then there's "ganolli" (canolli, YUM), "mootzarell'", "gollamott" (calamari). I'll use the pronunciation not the actual correct spelling.ah beetz - pizzapasta pizelle - pasta w/ peas ( red sauce or garlic & oil )olly oily - garlic & oil sauceah beetza gain - Ham & cheese pie ( easter pie )sch keev - can't stomache something, or something that makes me sick.fafa deal, pee sha deal or fiff - penisfon ghoul - F #@k you or up your A**sva cheem - son of a bit*h or sh*t facecanool - conoli Italian pastrychooch - jackassgavone - over weight person, one who eats like a pigJamook or mook - idiot, dummy, loser, knuckle headMenza Menza - retard, beyond stupidmama luke - clown, screwball, moronI can go on & on, but I'm getting tired now ... LOL. ): to throw a trash can at someone.tutto sale e pepe exp. Please use the quick menu. I'm putting together an eulogy for my grandpa and would like to reference this. Two kinds of people--Italians-and those who wish they were (and btw, we Italian-Americans ARE Italian!!!). dishtowel? ... Or Something Like That, Gobble Gobble --- And Other Presidential Gestures, Tutti a Tavola a Mangiare --- Stuffed Shells. I'm not familiar with that phrase, though if I watch any of the Godfather movies (they're among my favorites)I might be able to figure it out. Italians are also known to be ignorant nationalistic people - Mussolini and the fascist were in ITALY not AMERICA where all us Mis-guided poor Neopolitans are tryin to make a dmn buck while ya'll were supporting HITLER. It comes from third gen Italian, Lebanese, Irish, etc. My late, darling father-in-law would smile devilishly when he toasted, "Va fancul! ming. ): to scratch one's stomach.gruzzolo m. nest egg.guastafesta n. a party pooper; (lit. to stink to high heaven; (lit. some other words:mamaluke;shengaad;mamone:agita:check out, does anyone know the real spelling of a phrase that sounds like"taste tan culo in pie e za"my mom would never tell me what it meant.thankssicilianapachegirl, Great blog. Four of the group earlier wrote the novel Q (first edition 1999). I know this post is old, but I felt compelled to respond. What does Ming mean? Mongo is inhabited by different cultures. BTW, they were from southern Italy. ): as fast as a rocket.vivere alla giornata exp. :(, Come si dice means 'How do you say...'? It is not a language. An auspicious name, it is one that will be admired. It consists of 4 letters and 1 syllable and is pronounced Ming. My family uses it as want or desire, like I have a "woolee" for pizza".Yes! ): to raise an elbow.amore a prima vista exp. to stand someone up on a date or appointment; (lit. I always thought it had come from voglio, which means "want.". I believe it technically means 'darn' though some use it as 'damn.' a "Big Shot. Yes...I think he's saying "we'll discuss it in the pisser"...the bathroom. I have been blessed in growing up in both Italy and America and am fortunate to have both my Italian and American citizenship. Thank you so much for this site. to dump someone; (lit. We obviously know that the poorer classes and regions were looked down upon by most ITALIAN ITALAINS - why the hell do you think they came to the U.S.?? No one in my family uses that lingo. He's truly fixated on her. brownnoser; (lit. I would be very grateful for this information. The meaning of Ming-Yue is "bright moon". It's funny because I use my own slang at times such as buione, which means big darkness, do I have to spell it out for you. Report. ): an enormous mouth. rush hour. ): from the verb sapere, meaning "to know. 95% of Italians speak "real" Italian huh? "Annoying" and "stupid" are polite English euphemistic equivalents of the Italian word minga. Honestly this is bugging me. etc. "Fancul" - Is short for "Va a fare in culo" > "Vaffanculo" > "Fanculo". Very interesting. For mexicans I say stranieri, which means foreigners. Your wife or fiance is NOT your goomah. We use to hear 'fa fought" Which is "va fottere te" which means go f**k yourself, If it was the Sgandurras of Burnett Street, then it had to be M.J.Sgandurra:-), I am first generation from the south and spoke only my dialect until I immigrated a month before my 22nd birthday.
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