Your dog, ever the faithful companion, bounds over to you – and starts sniffing, and even licking, at the wound! Sniffing is an important part of a dog’s wellness and it may cause him stress if you try to prevent the dog from doing something that’s natural behavior for him. I used to race him to the ER, but since they’ve yet to figure out a cause/treatment, I started trying different things to see if I could find a way to stop them myself, and by golly, it looks like I have! While the invasive sniffing can be embarrassing, especially if your dog does it to a visitor, it’s their way of saying hello and learning about someone. My dog has been having these gulping episodes a few times a year, where he also frantically starts licking the floor. It can be a strange sight, watching a dog seemingly licking thin air time and again. Dogs licking air is usually a sign of stress. Is this normal? By engaging in air licking, the dog stimulates its brain to release endorphins that have a soothing effect. They may have heard or seen a strange animal or person and are trying to sniff out their identity. A dog that licks the air sticks their tongue out of their mouth and appears to lap up imaginary liquid. Why is My Dog Constantly Licking Air? There are a handful of possible reasons for this: Your dog has picked up an interesting scent somewhere on the wind and is trying to … You shoo them away, but you can’t help but notice that every time you get a cut or scratch (even if you’ve gotten more serious wounds) the first thing your dog does is come up to sniff the injury. There are various reasons your dog may be licking the air, but the fact that she does it for long periods of time is suggestive of a possible compulsive disorder. Other times, however, there’s an underlying issue leading them to do seemingly strange things. Learning the causes behind excessive licking and using four great methods to … Sniffing behavioral patterns. Excessive licking can be an itchy, habit-forming problem but there is relief! 5 For example, research suggests that some dogs might be able to detect when a woman is pregnant. I'm on my period and she kept sniffing me, licking my pants, and pawing at me. 3 Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Sniffing the Ground or Air. My female dog is in heat for the first time. When I finally stood up, she was pretty much attached to my behind and began humping the air while sniffing me. Dogs sniff the air because the air is teeming with chemical compounds that capture a dog's interest. Itching, scratching, biting, chewing. A dog’s quirky behavior can be entertaining to watch, and sometimes it’s about nothing more than them expressing a unique personality. Some days your dog appears miserable as he digs at his feet, chews on his legs, or scratches endlessly at his ears. Pheromones give them a lot of information on the dog (or person) they’re sniffing. Dogs sniff this area for the same reason they sniff each other’s rear ends – they are sniffing pheromones. We're going to get her fixed when it's over. She does it for hours. No, let your dog be. A dog’s nose is a powerful tool. One of those things is licking the air. Why does my dog lick the air? A. By getting better acquainted with a dog's superior sense of smell, it is possible finding out what makes the air so interesting to dogs and why some dogs are even specifically employed for the noble art of "air sniffing." Nervousness: Sniffing the air and pacing around may indicate that your dog is feeling nervous. Other than just smelling around for food, dogs sniff for a number of behavioral reasons. It kind of freaks me out. New data shows that quick tongue flicks, when a dog appears to be licking his lips or the air in front of him, may signal worry and anxiety. Why is she doing this? As a result, the dog may lick the air every time it feels anxious or stressed. The habit of the pup licking the air may continue for longer every day. ... Should I Stop My Dog from Constantly Sniffing?
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